Super Split

The Super Split® Log Splitter Principle

After power is turned on (either gas or electric), the kinetic energy is stored in two revolving flywheels. These flywheels are firmly secured to a one-piece pinion gear. Because of the flywheel weight and RPM, being mounted on ball bearings and secured to the frame, the pinion gear has tremendous power advantage.

Supersplit principle

To transmit power from pinion gear to log, a rack gear is engaged by a cam-lock method (shown above). The rack gear, now fully engaged and locked in the pinion gear, moves out with a 12 to 24 ton force. At the end of the full 24" stroke, the rack being spring loaded upward and backward disengages the cam lock and immediately returns to start position.

For safety, SUPER SPLIT® log splitter is a semi-automatic machine. This means every cycle must be manually activated, but after activation will complete a full cycle. The rack, however, can at any time be disengaged by tapping down on operating handle. The flywheel will stall on overload. Several blows may be made to drive through any type of wood grain. Flywheel recovery time is about 1/2 second. If you have ever used a rack type arbor press or swung a heavy maul, you can easily see why the SUPER SPLIT® wood splitter principle works so well.